happy little girl and paediatrician doing high five after medical checkup

In today’s health care system, an individual patient often receives health care in a variety of settings with different kinds of providers. For example, patient J.P. may see her primary care doctor in the office one month, but then may need to go to the Emergency Room for care after hours the following month. Patient J.P. may then fill her prescribed medications at the local drug store and then follow-up at another hospital to see a specialist and receive an x-ray. The electronic health information that is documented in each of these encounters is an important part of the whole medical story for patient J.P. Unfortunately, this health information is often fragmented and not accessible in real-time to each of the providers caring for her.

The LANES HIE offers a platform and services to providers and staff in hospitals, clinics, and health plans that will help them electronically view health information for patients, regardless of which setting that heath information was documented. In the example above, the E.R. doctor taking care of patient J.P. would be able to view her primary care doctor’s record on J.P. and J.P.’s primary care doctor would be able to view the specialist’s assessment and recommendations and the X-ray results. Sharing of health information like this helps improve patient care, decrease unnecessary duplication of testing, and reduce overall health care costs.