LANES was formed though a motion led by Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor, Mark Ridley-Thomas. The Board of Supervisors instructed the County Chief Executive Office to conduct a feasibility assessment of creating a countywide health information exchange project that would enable electronic exchange of patient medical records among public and private healthcare providers. The Board of Supervisors directed the County CEO to convene a public-private partnership stakeholder group to launch the project. This group eventually gave rise to a collaborative known as the Los Angeles Network for Enhanced Services (LANES), an independent and non-profit organization.

Today, LANES is governed by a cross-section of stakeholder organizations involved in the care of the Los Angeles county residents including the Community Clinics Association of Los Angeles County, the Hospital Association of Southern California, L.A. Care Health Plan and and the UC Davis Institute for Population Health Improvement. Individuals from each of these entities serve as volunteer members on the LANES Board of Directors. In addition, LANES has received generous grant support from L.A. Care Health Plan, United Health Foundation, and the County of Los Angeles.