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Phase Milestone Tasks
Pre-Development 1. Onboarding The business case/value proposition is explored and the DEPA is signed.
2. Technical Assessment and Interface Design Technical gaps are assessed, and exchange requirements are finalized.
Interface Development 3. Interface Build, Configuration, and Unit Testing Development activities to resolve technical gaps are undertaken by LANES and the onboarding participant.
4. Interface Integration and Acceptance Testing End-to-end testing of the interface is conducted and signed-off by the management team
Post Development 5. Participant Go-Live Milestones The interface is turned on in milestone go-live iterations.

Interface development is typically performed in multiple sprints where each sprint focus area is a single functional aspect of the final solution. Each sprint consists of design, development, and deployment activities. The relative priority and sequencing of the sprints are determined during gap analysis and reconciliation. The sprints vary in duration and may run concurrently. This approach allow the benefits of the LANES HIE to be realized and continuously improved early in the project lifecycle.

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