Los Angeles Network for Enhanced Services (LANES) is an independent, nonprofit organization developing a health information exchange for Los Angeles County residents to enable participating physicians, healthcare facilities, hospitals, health plans, and other healthcare providers to share patient clinical information efficiently and securely.

LANES is a community health information exchange (HIE) with a primary mission of benefiting the local, Los Angeles county residents and health care providers. Data is exchanged bi-directionally with participants which allows LANES to deliver custom solutions for its participants, unlike other regional/national health information exchanges.

Board of Directors

Advisory Committees

  • Clinical Advisory Committee
  • Policy Steering Committee
  • Sustainability Committee
  • Technical Advisory Committee
  • Privacy and Security Committee
Current Board Members

Anish Mahajan, MD

C.M.O. of Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
Chair of the Board

John Baackes

C.E.O. of L.A. Care Health Plan

Kenneth Kizer, MD

Director of U.C. Davis Institute for Population Health Improvement

Nina Vaccaro

C.O.O. of Community Clinic Association of L.A. County

Jaime Garcia

Regional Vice President of Hospital Association of Southern California

LANES Management Team

Ali Modaressi

Executive Director

Sai Pratap

Program Director

Jenn Behrens

Chief Information Security Officer

Vince Silvaer

Account Executive

Cynthia Cooper

Clinical Implementation Manager