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With data, the catalyst for improving community health and well-being, LANES, the regional Health Information Exchange for L.A. County, is continuing to innovate in ways to best serve providers and their diverse patient communities through population health management initiatives.

Providers Can Join LANES to Become Population Health Enabled.

Our advanced HIE capabilities:​

LANES Provides Critical Data Sharing During COVID-19 Public Health Crisis

Pandemic spotlights utility of LANES HIE contributions to population health and reduced costs

Latest Population Health News

Population Health Powered by LANES

Whether your organization has already invested in population health tools or it needs to build a program from scratch, LANES is leveling the population health capabilities across L.A. County for all providers. LANES enables both technology and data to empower providers to fully engage with Population Health programs that may have been out of reach.

Rich population-health data holds the potential to help transform our regional healthcare ecosystem. Our clinical data insights ─ medical, behavioral and socioeconomic ─ offer 360o insights to patients’ personal health information to identify gaps, better inform care decisions and make actionable interventions in real time. 

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