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LANES Offers Value-Added Support Services To The Community

LANES also offers value-added support services so you also get a strong supporting partnership that guides you through implementation and tailoring use cases that meet your healthcare organization’s unique needs. Even more, LANES participants are invited to join advisory committees and be part of the conversations and decisions that drive the future of health information sharing in L.A. County.

Rich Clinical Data Repository

To provide the highest quality at the lowest cost, organizations need to capture and share information both within and outside of their networks. LANES’ rich clinical data repository aggregates clinical, and other data from multiple sources into a central data location. This information is then available when and where it’s needed to coordinate patient care. Sharing information across the L.A. healthcare system contributes to improved outcomes, reduced costs, creation of an ongoing patient record, and allows for a better response to the evolving demands of value-based care.

LANES enterprise master patient index is used to correlate patient identity across data source, care delivery, and health plan boundaries. Our solution delivers the highest matching accuracy rates in the industry. Gain more complete and accurate clinical histories of your patients, and improved patient care and safety with easier patient identification across their longitudinal record, all while reducing demographic data challenges.

Two-way sharing of patient health information data creates a more robust repository of information to draw from and saves significant time by accessing that data quickly on a screen instead of sifting through pages of faxed records. It is easier and more cost-effective for a hospital and other care providers to contribute new information consistently through an HIE than have to deal with interruptive requests to send records through fax or mail.

LANES Participants subscribe to receive notifications of encounter activity for a given patient or patient group via a direct trust email exchange. Also known as ENS, encounter notification services deliver real-time, actionable patient data to unite a team of care providers administering treatments and instructions to the same patient. Learn More

LANES uses admit, discharge, and transfer (ADT) messages created at the hospital when a patient is treated or moved inside the hospital system to create alerts for that Participant’s patient care team. When the system receives a notification, an attempt is made to match the patient through LANES’ highly accurate patient matching record system. Once a right match is made, an alert is generated and sent to the participating subscribers. Alerts can include clinical data such as summary of care documents, discharge diagnosis, reason for visit, test results, and consult notes. Learn More

Direct Secure Messaging

LANES provides accredited HISP clinical messaging to participating clinicians, third party clinicians, and patients to safely, securely, accurately, and quickly exchange clinical data – alerts, referrals, consultations, and transfer of care documents – without leaving their Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. The solution integrates into the referral workflow, streamlining the process to refer a patient to another provider and can be utilized when transitioning a patient back to the primary care provider (PCP) or when updating a PCP on the latest information about your mutual patient. This process reduces errors, lowers costs, saves time, and improves care collaboration, quality and safety. Learn More

Workflow Integration

LANES provides onsite assistance to integrate the HIE into the EHR workflow of the clinician. A workflow implementation specialist will work onsite and directly with your organization to help you gain the most from using LANES and ensure the use cases that make the most sense for your business fit within your preferred clinical workflow.

Tailored Use Cases

Your healthcare organization is unique. Integrating health information sharing technology into your workflow should align with your unique needs. LANES aligns their large collection of use cases with your organization’s needs and helps design custom solutions for best outcomes and financial benefits.

Clinical Outcome Reports, Trends, And Metrics

  • produce multi-faceted clinical documents from its longitudinal data store
  • set up a provider portal for multiple care team roles
  • configure patient consent management
  • configure confidential clinical information settings
  • store and graphically view data to how trending from personal monitoring devices such as Fitbit get access, flexibility and freedom to use your business intelligence metrics

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