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Value of Using LANES

We’re Much More Than A Regional HIE

LANES Health Information Exchange (HIE) aggregates L.A. County patient health information and facilitates the secure transmission and sharing of data from disparate systems, in near real-time, for use at the point-of-care and for post-acute care activities. LANES also augments local connections with health information exchanges across the country, offering a wide range of services not available elsewhere.

LANES Provides Value-Added Services To Support A Wide Range Of Interoperability Initiatives And Outcomes.

Single Point Of Entry

LANES can be your single point of entry for patient medical record access locally and nationwide.


If your patient is from out of town, out of state or out of the country, LANES can give you critical medical records that will aid in your ability to care for the patient.

One Query, One Complete Patient Record

A query search through a national HIE such as CareEverywhere, will draw information from three different Epic systems and result in three different CCDs from participating healthcare organizations. With LANES, a query search results in complete and integrated patient information on one CCD.

Patient Matching

Near real-time access and better patient matching capabilities of the single best record of the right patient to the right data.

Alerts And Notifications

Any time a patient checks in at a LANES-connected hospital, clinic or physician’s office, LANES receives an alert and immediately delivers that patient’s comprehensive clinical history to the point-of-service provider.

Equal Voice In Making Decisions

LANES is a non-profit cooperative giving each participant a role on advisory committees and an equal voice in making decisions on how the future of LANES affects them. As a participant cooperative, you can count on local governance that works together to meet local needs.

Integrated Behavioral And Physical Health Data Available In One Clinical Record

Access to a comprehensive health record drives better care and reduces costs. Having this information means that a patient who frequents the ED can be guided to outpatient treatments through community clinics.

Locally-Focused Supports “Medical Neighborhood” Clinical And Social Community Partnerships

LANES connects the L.A. County community to support the flow of information across and between clinicians and patients.

Data From National Health Information Exchanges And Vendor Private Quality Metric Support

LANES recognizes quality metrics specific to L.A. County and the state of California.

On-Site Training

LANES provides training at your facility customized to your unique learning needs. specialist to ensure your organization best utilizes the LANES solution into your clinical workflow.

Use Case Achievement

LANES aligns their collection of use cases with your organization’s needs and helps design solutions for best outcomes and financial benefits.

Custom Integration

LANES professional services work with your team to customize the interfaces that your EHR demands, at no added cost.

Local-Centric Consulting Services

Local solutions for reporting, dashboards, analytics, population health, and risk stratification.

Workflow Implementation

LANES provides a workflow implementation


Have you been told you will get everything you need when you connect to a national and/or vendor HIE? The goal of health information exchange is to provide clinicians with a holistic view of a patient record. Unfortunately, these HIEs cannot give you full patient picture, leaving crucial information out of clinical treatment decisions, which could lead to errors, continued administrative burden and high costs of care.

  • Offer a federated model – query one patient at a time; patient matching hit rates can be poor, inherent latency
  • Minimal integration with Los Angeles County Dept of Mental Health – mental health medical records are not available
  • Received medical records do not conform to unified view and consistency
  • No training available
  • No Customer Support
  • No concept of state and county needs
  • No use-case based customization
  • No consulting services due to lack of local, comprehensive patient records
  • No workflow implementation services
  • No customer integration and interfaces

By connecting to LANES along with national and vendor HIEs, you not only get better data served in a more succinct way, but also you receive the benefits of a service-oriented HIE who works closely with you to meet the unique data sharing needs of your organization.

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