LANES Comprehensive List of Participants

April 2022

Achievable FoundationAmbulatory Practice
All-Inclusive Community Health CenterAmbulatory Practice
All for Health, Health for AllAmbulatory Practice
Angeles Community Health CenterAmbulatory Practice
Annapoorani Thenappan, MD, Inc.Ambulatory Practice
Arroyo Vista Family Health CenterAmbulatory Practice
Asha R. Kumar, MD, Inc.Ambulatory Practice
Bartz-Altadonna Community Health CenterAmbulatory Practice
Behavioral Health ServicesAmbulatory Practice
Bienestar Health ServicesAmbulatory Practice
Center for Family Health and EducationAmbulatory Practice
Central Medical Business ManagementClinic
Central Neighborhood Health FoundationAmbulatory Practice
Centro Medical GroupAmbulatory Practice
ChapCareAmbulatory Practice
Chinatown Service CenterAmbulatory Practice
Clinica RomeroClinic
Comprehensive Community Health CentersAmbulatory Practice
Crenshaw Family Medical GroupAmbulatory Practice
East Valley Community Health CenterAmbulatory Practice
Eisner HealthAmbulatory Practice
Elena Chetver, MDAmbulatory Practice
Eva Rodriguez-Ellis, MD, Inc.Ambulatory Practice
Family Health Care Centers of Greater L.A.Ambulatory Practice
Florence Western Medical Center, Inc.Ambulatory Practice
Garfield Health CenterAmbulatory Practice
Hameed A. Khan, MDAmbulatory Practice
Harbor Community ClinicAmbulatory Practice
Health and Human Services –City of Long BeachAmbulatory Practice
Herald Health Christian CenterAmbulatory Practice
Healthcare in ActionAmbulatory Practice
Ignatius P. Godoy, MDAmbulatory Practice
Jose A. Perez, MDAmbulatory Practice
JWCH InstituteAmbulatory Practice
Kedren Community Health CenterAmbulatory Practice
KHEIR CLinicAmbulatory Practice
L.A. County Department of Mental HealthAmbulatory Practice
L.A. County Department of Public HealthAmbulatory Practice
L.A. Christian Health CentersAmbulatory Practice
Ma. Mildred R. Rey, MD, Inc.Ambulatory Practice
Mission City Community NetworkAmbulatory Practice
Montes Medical GroupAmbulatory Practice
Northeast Valley Health CorporationAmbulatory Practice
ParkTree Community Health CenterAmbulatory Practice
Renuka Boyapalli MD, A Medical CorpAmbulatory Practice
Saban Community ClinicAmbulatory Practice
San Fernando Community Health CenterAmbulatory Practice
South Bay Family Health CenterAmbulatory Practice
South Central Family Health CenterAmbulatory Practice
Southern California Health and Rehabilitation ProgramAmbulatory Practice
Southern California Health and Vascular CenterAmbulatory Practice
St. John's Well Child and Family CenterAmbulatory Practice
Sunkist Multi-Specialty Medical Clinic Inc.Ambulatory Practice
Tarzana Treatment CentersAmbulatory Practice
T.H.E. Health and Wellness CentersAmbulatory Practice
Tarzana Treatment CentersAmbulatory Practice
The R.O.A.D.S. Foundation, Inc.Ambulatory Practice
Tri-City Medical GroupAmbulatory Practice
UMMA Community ClinicAmbulatory Practice
Universal Community Health CenterAmbulatory Practice
Valley Community HealthcareAmbulatory Practice
Via Care Community Health CenterAmbulatory Practice
Watts HealthAmbulatory Practice
White Memorial Community Health CenterAmbulatory Practice
Wilmington Community Clinic Ambulatory Practice
Health NetHealth Plan
L.A. CareHealth Plan
Adventist HealthHospitals
Alta Hospital SystemHospitals
Avanti HospitalsHospitals
Beverly HospitalsHospitals
Cedars-Sinai Medical CenterHospitals
Emanate HealthHospitals
Huntington HospitalHospitals
L.A. County Department of Health ServicesHospitals
Pacifica HospitalHospitals
Pomona Valley Hospital Medical CenterHospitals
St. Joseph Health SystemHospitals
UCLA HealthHospitals
Valley Presbyterian HospitalHospitals
Health Care LA IPAIPA
Access TLCOther
ConnectCare MDOther
Fulgent GeneticsOther
Los Angeles Jewish Home for the AgingOther