Who We Are


Health Information Exchange for Los Angeles County

LANES is an independent, non-profit organization developing a health information exchange (HIE) for all hospitals, clinics, and health plans that provide care to L.A. County residents who are Medi-Cal insured or uninsured.

LANES seeks to make patients health information available safely and securely, when and where it is needed to enable better clinical care and care coordination.

What We Do


LANES seeks to make personal health information available safely and securely, when and where it is needed for patient care and care coordination.


To improve health care delivery by providing a platform that enables cost-effective and secure electronic exchange of patient medical records among public and private health care providers and plans in L.A. County.


Produce an affordable, scalable, and interoperable LANES HIE infrastructure, enabling any L.A. County provider serving the safety-net to achieve meaningful use.

  • Safeguard the privacy and security of electronic health information.
  • Ensure sustainability through revenue generation and cost containment.
  • Build specific clinical exchanges and applications to alleviate health disparities and raise the overall quality of health care provided in the L.A. County safety net.

HIE helps facilitate coordinated patient care, reduce duplicative treatments and avoid costly mistakes.

Privacy and Security
Meets Federal and State Guidelines
Meets Federal and State Guidelines

LANES privacy documents meet all State of California and federal guidelines

HIPAA Compliant
HIPAA Compliant

LANES meets all related HIPAA regulations

Data Use
Data Use

Patient data is used only for the treatment of patients

Access and Control
Access and Control

Patients have the right to control the sharing of their information