LANES Helps Health Plans Lead Data-Driven Population Health

Improve population health, reduce risks, and support meaningful care coordination.

Access Comprehensive Data

Health plans need access to comprehensive care data in order to manage risk through preventive care, manage costs, and improve care quality. Care coordination and sharing data is vital to achieving better member and overall population health.

Health Plans

  • Access longitudinal patient records
  • Coordinate care
  • Identify risk gaps
  • Receive real-time ADT notifications
  • Identify high-risk members
  • Fill data gaps

Improve quality of care and health outcomes by influencing preventive care access through coordination and data sharing.

Reduce health risks by identifying and closing data gaps, identifying and appropriately supporting high-risk members, and improving early interventional support.

Deliver value-based care by using comprehensive, longitudinal population data to support, apply and coordinate the most effective care.

Case Studies