LANES Solutions Transform Patient and Population Healthcare in L.A.

Access relevant data where and when you need it to improve patient outcomes.

Provide Better Care

Hospitals and Health System clinicians provide better care when they have more complete information on their patients. LANES enables hospitals and health systems to retrieve accurate and detailed patient data promptly and efficiently.

Hospitals & Health Systems

  • Reduce readmissions
  • Coordinate post-discharge care
  • Send real-time ADT notifications
  • Access longitudinal health records
  • Access California’s CURES Prescription Drug database (PDMP)
  • Population health management
  • Operational efficiency

Gain instant access to critical patient data, including demographics, SDoH, diagnoses, procedures, vaccine records, medication history, and other essential information.

Make informed decisions, utilize effective resources, and address the unique needs of vulnerable patient populations for improved patient outcomes and high quality care.

Streamline post-discharge procedures with efficient and coordinated systems that ensure a patient’s medical history follows them seamlessly to their outpatient setting.

Case Studies

Our Greater Los Angeles Area Network

Our Greater Los Angeles Area Network