Providers Benefit from LANES Data Accuracy and Efficiency

Provide robust patient support for better health outcomes while realizing greater operational efficiencies.

Address Care Needs

Ambulatory and private practice providers are under constant financial stress and often spend valuable time and resources accessing multiple sources of data in order to get a comprehensive view of a patient’s medical history. Care coordination, proactive intervention, readmission reduction, and overall higher quality care are all challenges that can be solved with the sharing of robust, contiguous health data.


  • Reduce readmissions
  • Coordinate post-discharge care
  • Receive real-time ADT notifications
  • Identify and intervene for high-risk patients
  • Connect to L.A. County Department of Health Services
  • Aggregate and synthesize cohorts of patient information
  • Leverage SDoH information
  • Save time and reduce burnout for clinicians
  • Avoid medication errors and duplicate tests
  • Realize operational efficiency

Streamline workflow integrations and improve provider satisfaction with informed clinical decision making and access data without leaving your EHR.

Improve patient satisfaction by delivering more effective care and eliminating excess paper work and redundant or unnecessary testing.

Decrease cost of care by reducing wasted administrative tasks, closing care caps, and reducing hospital readmissions and average length of stay.

Case Study

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