LANES Helps Behavioral Health Services Improve Care

Deliver data-driven behavioral health at the point of care and beyond.

Support Patients

LANES connects to L.A. County Department of Health Services (DHS), Department of Mental Health (DMH) and Department of Public Health to help entities meet the social and behavioral health needs of their patient and client communities.

Behavioral Health Services

  • Coordinate post-discharge care
  • Receive real-time ADT notifications
  • Identify and intervene for high-risk patients
  • Connect to L.A. County Department of Health Services
  • Aggregate and synthesize cohorts of patient information
  • Leverage SDoH information
  • Save time and reduce burnout for clinicians
  • Avoid medication errors and duplicate tests
  • Realize operational efficiency

Leverage real-time information from multiple sources to deliver the most appropriate patient care.

Influence the care continuum, proactively intervening for high-risk patients, reducing duplicate processes, requests, and testing, and coordinating post-discharge care.

Improve population health by accessing, aggregating and synthesizing cohorts of patient information, including SDoH.

Case Studies

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