About Us

LANES is powered by the world’s most trusted data engine, enhanced by our team of committed, community-focused health data experts.

Streamlining Healthcare Delivery Across L.A. County’s Care Continuum

Los Angeles Network for Enhanced Services (LANES) is a nonprofit, community driven Qualified Health Information Organization (QHIO) network. We enable comprehensive health data, clinical data insights and population health capabilities at the point of care throughout L.A. County’s healthcare ecosystem.

Why the Greater Los Angeles Area Needs a Dedicated Regional QHIO

As the second largest county in the U.S. and home to more than 10 million diverse residents, Los Angeles faces a unique challenge in streamlining health care delivery across a range of economic, demographic, and financial conditions.

LA is also home to some of the most advanced healthcare in the country, with 80 acute care hospitals and thousands of primary and specialty care providers.

This makes greater LA one of the most unique places in the country, which means its approach to the seamless exchange of data sharing, an essential component of high quality care, needs to be equally unique.

How Regional QHIOs Work with State and National HIOs

While national health information organizations (HIOs) help with coordinating patient care and access to patient information from other facilities, they fall short in their ability to enhance workflow efficiency or improve clinical quality and outcomes.

Regional and local QHIOs collaboratively and independently provide unmatched access to relevant county and other public health resources, completing the full continuum of care down to the local level. This “final mile” approach to synthesized, detailed, high quality, and current data helps care providers respond more quickly and effectively.

The strengths identified within both national networks and regional/local QHIOs make them a formidable match in a comprehensive ecosystem.
If you already have a national HIO, it’s important to know that a national HIO alone may not satisfy the California Data Exchange Framework (DxF) mandate. A regional QHIO will ensure compliance with the mandate while also delivering the highest quality clinical support due to local network data reliability, accessibility, and accuracy.


To improve healthcare delivery by providing a platform that enables cost-effective and secure electronic exchange of patient medical records among public and private healthcare providers and payers in L.A. County.


LANES seeks to make personal health information available safely and securely, when and where it is needed for patient care coordination.

Guiding Principles

Through partnership, collaboration and engagement with L.A. County’s stakeholder ecosystem, facilitate strategic and operational improvements for LANES provider participants and payers to build a more sustainable regional healthcare delivery system.

Advisory Committees

Executive Management Group
Data Governance
Privacy & Security

Current Board Members

Tom Schwaninger

Chair of the Board
Senior Executive Advisor of
L.A. Care Health Plan

Nina Vaccaro

Vice Chair of the Board
COO of Community Clinic Association
of L.A. County

Muntu Davis, MD, MPH

Secretary of the Board
County Health Officer
Los Angeles County Department
of Public Health


Paul Young

Treasurer of the Board
Senior Vice President,
Reimbursement & Public Policy
Hospital Association of Southern California (HASC)

Anish Mahajan, MD

Chief Deputy Director
Los Angeles County Department
of Public Health

LANES Management Team

Ali Modaressi

Chief Executive Officer

Ahyoung Huff

Director of Business Development

Jenn Behrens

Chief Information Security Officer

Jamie Stockley

Director of Operations

Michael Deering

Chief of Technology and Innovation

Ali Zadeh, MD

Chief Medical Officer