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Los Angeles County’s Premier Health Information Exchange

LANES is an independent, nonprofit organization which has developed a community-based health information exchange for providers and patients in Los Angeles County. See more

LANES utilizes interoperability and aggregated patient data to assist its participants with improving care management, clinical outcomes, and business operations. See more

LANES provides value-added opportunities to support a wide range of interoperability initiatives and outcomes. See more

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A Message from the CEO

Ali Modaressi

The coming years in our evolution promise explosive growth from the foundation that we’ve worked hard to establish. With support from the Los Angeles healthcare providers, we will expand our virtual communities by connecting more hospitals, primary care providers, specialists and health plans while never losing sight of our mission: Provide a robust platform built to scale with your needs including easy access to cost-effective and secure exchange of patient medical and behavioral health records wherever and whenever needed.

Over the past year we have added
30 clinics and 18 hospitals to our network

What participants are saying about LANES

Our secure HIE helps patients, providers and insurers exchange quality health data. Upgrade your care delivery by reducing readmissions, duplicate tests and ED visits with instant access to patient-specific information like lab and imaging results, behavioral health, prescriptions, ADT documents and clinical procedures.


LANES Makes a Difference

25.3 M
4.27 M
Unique Lives
38.3 M
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Clinical Results

LANES helps facilitate coordinated patient care, reduce duplicative treatments and avoid costly mistakes.

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