A Letter From the CEO

Happy New Year!

As we start the New Year, we at LANES are proud to mark the 5th anniversary of being the first and only community-based health information exchange for Los Angeles. In partnership with organizations like yours, we have together helped millions of patients receive better, more complete care.

The past two years were dynamic ones for healthcare organizations in California, and 2023 holds the same promise.

California has recognized the critical nature of a statewide health data infrastructure and the imperative to fund healthcare organizations to join Health Information Organizations (HIO) and share data. The transformational Data Exchange Framework (DxF) from the California Health and Human Services Agency (CalHHS) and the CalAIM program around Medi-Cal reform will not only help drive increased data sharing throughout the healthcare ecosystem in California, but also help measurably improve care coordination across the fragmented clinical, behavioral, and social service data domain.

I am convinced that we are just scratching the surface of the value of interoperability and regional HIE in our communities. With the passage of Assembly Bill 133 (AB133), the state government is taking bold steps to address the health data silos and health inequity by introducing ambitious programs and policies for statewide data exchange among healthcare providers for achieving CalHHS’ vision for “A Healthy California for All.”

Healthcare organizations have an enormous opportunity through the state and CalAIM to be better connected to the greater Los Angeles area community, and we at LANES believe the DxF is the key to transforming healthcare delivery systems. The DxF means access to real-time whole-person information, reduced wasted administrative tasks, access to LANES data-led solutions, and actionable information for managing risk contracts, high utilizers, high-risk patients, and population health. LANES is deeply involved with DxF, working on behalf of stakeholders such as yourself to provide input on policies and procedures related to data sharing, privacy and security, and technical standards as a member of the CalHHS DxF Advisory Committee and Subcommittee.

It’s an exciting time to be part of the state-wide transformation taking shape, and if you haven’t already done so, now is the time to act: The DxF data-sharing mandate requires healthcare providers to sign the CalHHS Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) by January 31, 2023 and share data by January 31, 2024. I encourage you to sign the agreement today. It takes a short amount of time and only requires a few details about your organization. You can find the link on the state CHHS portal or learn more about it on our website.

Over the five years that LANES has supported healthcare organizations, we have been both inspired by stories about the effectiveness of LANES in improving people’s lives, and have become more deeply committed to being ethical, transparent, and responsible stewards of your patients’ data.

We are so grateful for our partnership and look forward to working with you this New Year. On behalf of my colleagues at LANES, please accept my sincere thanks for your support. It is a privilege to work with you and contribute to improving population health in our community.

With Gratitude,


For more information, visit lanesla.org.

Data Exchange Framework – California Health and Human Services