“Collaboration will close care gap and improve care coordination for MedZed”

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September 20, 2019
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LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles Network for Enhanced Services (LANES), the leading health information exchange for Los Angeles County, announced today it has signed a data exchange contract with MedZed, a telehealth company focused on the delivery of quality health care directly to home-bound patients with complex medical and social needs. LANES is one of the first data exchange firms to work with a telehealth company in California.

“We are thrilled to see telemedicine and our health information exchange working seamlessly here in L.A. County,” said Ali Modaressi, LANES Executive Director. “MedZed brings a healthcare provider to the patient’s home, and LANES gives that provider a comprehensive picture of the patient’s medical history.”

By bringing health care into the home, MedZed eliminates barriers that prevent people from seeing a physician – whether it’s a lack of transportation or physical health challenges. The model results in improved health outcomes and greater cost-efficiency. The collaboration with LANES will give providers real-time data that will help MedZed close care gaps and improve coordination of care. This will ultimately lead to fewer emergency room visits and hospital admissions for patients.

“Integrating care across providers is more critical than ever,” adds Dr. Neil A. Solomon, MedZed’s CMO and Co-founder, “LANES provides us the opportunity to share clinical information and collaborate in real time, enabling a big jump in the quality of care.”

Over 500 hospital and ambulatory care sites in Los Angeles County are participating with LANES, using real-time data sharing to improve health care delivery for every patient it serves. For more information, visit www.LANESLA.org.

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Los Angeles Network for Enhanced Services (LANES) is an independent, non-profit health information exchange which enables healthcare providers to seamlessly exchange patient medical records safely and securely, when and where it is needed for patient care and care coordination.

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