Announcing the New LANES Data Governance Advisory Board

We’re excited to publicly share that LANES has formally established the LANES Data Governance Advisory Board to further our mission to share health and social services data collaboratively and responsibly.

The inaugural board is composed of Los Angeles area healthcare leaders, who are charged with developing and supporting data governance processes. It is also responsible for helping consider and address future initiatives, such as new use cases and enforcing use case specifications and associated processing restrictions.

Board members include:

To provide the highest quality care at the lowest cost, organizations need to capture and share information both within and outside of their networks. LANES’ rich clinical data repository aggregates clinical and other data from multiple sources into a central data location. This information is available through LANES when and where it is needed at the point of care to better manage population health.

Learn more about how LANES delivers contiguous, complete data that helps clinicians and providers deliver more effective patient care more efficiently.

Please join us in welcoming these leaders, who will help ensure LANES continues to deliver the highest levels of data quality, accuracy, and integrity for participants.

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