HFH Improves Its Quality of Care Through LANES


Housing for Health (HFH) provides housing and critical services to tens of thousands of currently and formerly unhoused people in LA County. While its team of clinicians, community health workers, program administrators, and contract managers has access to the LA County Department of Health Services’ (DHS) medical record system, they lack critical patient information from outside providers.

Here’s why: Approximately 60% of the 20,000 HFH clients in permanent supportive housing units are assigned to primary care providers that do not log patient data in DHS’ medical record system. There are many HFH clients who also utilize acute care facilities outside of DHS’ network.


HFH takes advantage of Los Angeles Network for Enhanced Services (LANES), a robust health information exchange, which connects data from local hospitals, private and public health systems, community clinics and health plans.

With access to enhanced patient data – along with reports from the Department of Public Health and Mental Health — the HFH team has the information needed to deliver the highest quality care.


By partnering with LANES, HFH receives real-time, secure access to an up-to-date record repository. Through the repository, its team can identify gaps, make the most informed decisions, and take actionable interventions.

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