LANES Connects California’s CURES Prescription Drug Database

Health information exchange’s integration of CURES eliminates extra step in provider workflow

 Los Angeles – Los Angeles Network for Enhanced Services (LANES) announced today its health information exchange (HIE) connectivity to CURES, the Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System platform tracking all Schedule II – IV controlled substances dispensed to patients in California. LANES participants who are licensed prescribers and pharmacists can efficiently access CURES through the HIE as part of the statewide effort to combat the opioid epidemic and promote safer prescribing practices.

In California, an estimated 45 percent of drug overdose deaths involved opioids in 2018. As the coronavirus crisis, the economy and social distancing impacts people, those in addiction recovery may face challenges. More than 30 states report increases in opioid-related mortality and ongoing concerns for those with a mental illness or substance abuse disorder.

“California took a major step forward improving patient care and safety by implementing easier and fast access to the CURES PDMP. The LANES team quickly connected this utility to help our local providers access this information in one place, without toggling between siloed technologies to monitor conditions and save lives,” said Ali Modaressi, CEO of LANES. “In this unprecedented time, we cannot neglect our vulnerable patients struggling with opioid addiction. Our continued focus is to create solutions that strengthen access to critical sources of patient data and healthcare community collaboration to benefit the LA County population.”

California law in 2016 requires all licensed prescribers and licensed pharmacists to check the state prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) CURES database before prescribing controlled substances for the first time to patients under their care.

Following the ruling, the California Department of Justice (DOJ) established a method of system integration whereby approved healthcare practitioners and pharmacists may use a qualified health information technology system to retrieve information in the CURES database in accordance with Health and Safety Code 11165.1(a)(1)(F). Mandatory CURES consultation through this code went into effect October 2, 2018.

Previously, providers logged onto the CURES web application as a stand-alone utility. This process required entry of the unique U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration number assigned to an individual prescriber who also had to remember further input of the correct combination of IDs and passwords every time.

Through the federally mandated API system connectivity, authorized participants can more easily conduct a patient query via LANES to see if the individual has a prescribed narcotics history.

“Our physicians are already testing the integration of the CURES database,” noted Modaressi. “Connectivity to CURES through LANES eliminates another step in provider workflow, making quick access to important prescription data even more efficient. LANES participants do not need a separate system to view this data or meet regulatory obligations.”


About LANES 

Los Angeles Network for Enhanced Services (LANES) is a community-based health information exchange (HIE) serving more than 500 health systems, hospitals and clinics that administer care to residents of Los Angeles County. Medi-Cal providers can tap 2019 Cal-HOP funding to access LANES. Connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn or visit the LANES website for more information.

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