LANES Data Sharing Is Improving Patient Care In Los Angeles County

Continuity of Care is crucial in providing comprehensive, integrated healthcare. The Los Angeles Network for Enhanced Services (LANES) is committed to sharing medical records with its participants at the right time, every time.

Los Angeles Christian Health Center (LACHC) is capitalizing on participating with LANES and shared the following experience. Adrienne Chan, a Physician Assistant at LACHC, was treating a new patient who was complaining of headaches, as a result of a head injury sustained 3 months prior to the visit. Adrienne stated that “the patient said he had a fracture in his forehead and that he needed surgery.”

By accessing LANES, Adrienne was able to view the radiology report of the CT scan from LAC+USC and concluded the patient had multiple skull fractures. Additionally, Adrienne was able to view the discharge summary which indicated the name of the specialist that the patient was referred to and the exact brain scans that needed to be done.

By accessing LANES, LACHC was able to avoid duplicate testing, provide consistency with the hospital discharge plan and establish care coordination with the specialist. “With LANES we were able to maintain continuity of care and continue his treatment with minimal interruptions,”, said Adrienne Chan.

This is only one of many examples, that LANES can point to showing how technology and comprehensive data sharing can help clinicians make better informed decisions. Ultimately, the data sharing ability can save time, money, and most importantly improve healthcare outcomes in Los Angeles County.

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