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LANES Provides Critical Data Sharing during COVID-19 Public Health Crisis

LANES Provides Critical Data Sharing during
COVID-19 Public Health Crisis


LANES is working actively with California state and local public health organizations, health systems, hospitals and community clinics to respond to the global COVID-19 pandemic response efforts.

As the health information exchange (HIE) hub for Los Angeles County provider participants and residents, LANES is assisting with critical health initiatives:

  • Daily census on reported cases of flu and pneumonia to help providers identify regional surges that could be predictors of corona virus
  • Epidemiology and community surveillance
  • Accurate data collection and tracking, specifically lab orders and results of patients infected by COVID-19
  • Event notification services, a.k.a. alerts, to primary care physicians or care teams when a registered patient is admitted to the ED, hospital or long-term care facility
  • Creation of a registry of COVID-19 cases that can be used for notifications when clinical data is identified as being a corona virus test. In this scenario, the data is shared across the LANES HIE alerting one care site to another.
  • Instant communication of critical patient medical record history
  • Exclusive data exchange for LA County Department of Health Services (DHS) at the front lines mobilizing local health emergency response and resources
  • Population reporting of high-risk patients across LA County to support prevention efforts

As state corona virus case numbers rise, the Los Angeles Network for Enhanced Services (LANES) interoperable HIE’s 24/7 accessibility of health record data supplements the emergency response efforts of more than 500 provider participants. Every hospital and clinic across LA County can collaborate using the same patient record to make informed clinical decisions, effectively speeding time to treatment.

Access the latest local government authority updates on COVID-19 at the Los Angeles County Department of Health (Public Health) and Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (DHS) who are working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

LANES thanks our dedicated LA County community healthcare professionals working tirelessly to treat and comfort infected patients. Their incredible work and personal sacrifice around the clock plays a critical role fighting a global disease threatening the health of millions.