LANES Unlocks the Power of Value-Based Care Models

Value based care

The ability for clinicians and other care providers to provide value-based care models relies on complete, accurate, and accessible health and social service data. Value-based care shifts focus from reimbursing providers per service to prioritizing quality and outcomes, reinforcing patient-centered approaches for better healthcare results.

LANES serves as a vital resource for healthcare organizations, delivering essential information to enhance care quality and outcomes in a patient-centered, coordinated manner.

Here are the specific ways health data and value-based care models collaborate to enhance patient care for the health care system at large:

Enhance care coordination: LANES facilitates seamless access to and exchange of a patient’s information among healthcare providers. Access to LANES’ rich patient records enables understanding of health conditions and ensures patients receive timely and appropriate care, minimizing gaps and reducing unnecessary tests or treatments that could impact healthcare outcomes.

Measure performance: Performance measurement is critical for providers to appropriately evaluate the quality of care provided. By collecting and analyzing health outcomes, care providers can appropriately align reimbursement to quality of care.

Manage risk: LANES’ risk stratification tools empowers providers to identify and manage high-risk patients with complex physical and mental conditions, helping prevent complications and hospitalization.

Population health management: LANES’ data aggregation and analysis support high-value interventions that improve gaps in care and enable preventive care for better health outcomes and enhanced reimbursement.

Value-based care thrives in efficient systems. By adopting a data driven approach, providers can allocate resources appropriately and focus on activities that will deliver the best value to patients while optimizing reimbursement. LANES facilitates comprehensive, accurate, and timely access to patient information, helping participants more easily deliver value-based care.

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