Seven ways LANES supports hospitals and health systems 

Sharing health data facilitates hospitals and health systems patient care. Data sharing in an organized way delivers better information access, enhanced care coordination, reduced duplication of tests, aids in population health management, supports research, and ensures regulatory compliance.

Here are some key ways in which LANES’ advanced platform is helping hospitals and health systems transform patient care:

  1. Coordinate post-discharge care: LANES facilitates the seamless transfer of patient information between healthcare providers, ensuring that post-discharge care is well-coordinated and effective.
  2. Operational efficiency: By streamlining data access and sharing, LANES helps hospitals and health systems operate more efficiently, saving time and resources during intake.
  3. Access to longitudinal health records: By accessing a patient’s longitudinal health records, healthcare providers can gain a comprehensive view of their health history, ensures patient safety, and leading to more personalized and effective care.
  4. Reduce readmissions: With access to comprehensive patient data, hospitals and health systems can better understand a patient’s health history and make more informed decisions, ultimately reducing the likelihood of readmissions.
  5. Real-time ADT notifications: LANES provides real-time Admission, Discharge, and Transfer (ADT) notifications, allowing PCPs and Specialist to stay updated on their patients’ status and enabling care across the care continuum.
  6. Comprehensive information: LANES has exclusive access to over 30 behavioral and mental health clinics and social service organizations and provides behavioral health information to complement a patient’s physical medical record.
  7. Population health management: LANES enables healthcare providers to manage the health of their patient populations more effectively, leading to improved health outcomes across the board.

The robust features, tools, and capabilities with LANES are aligned to hospital and health systems’ unique needs. Learn more about how LANES supports these entities.

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