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LANES Connectivity and Partnership[/ld_fancy_heading]

The California Health Information Exchange Onboarding Program offers grant funding to Medi-Cal providers to access the LANES HIE to improve the quality and effectiveness of care coordination for Medi-Cal beneficiaries.

LANES meets the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) qualification requirements for the program designation of “Qualified HIO.”


Sign up with LANES in 2020

LANES will subsidize the subscription fee so there is no cost to you. LANES is authorized to distribute up to $100,000 for qualified hospitals and $25,000 to ambulatory clinics in grant funding.

Join our Los Angeles provider network before December 1, 2020 to receive a subsidized subscription fee.

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How does the Cal-HOP Program work?

Cal-HOP is a milestone-based attestation grant designed to cover incremental integration costs. DHCS makes incentive payments to LANES who dispenses funds to your hospital or clinic when milestones are met.

Program steps and timeline

Milestone 1: Initiate participation in Cal-HOP by choosing LANES as your qualified HIO.

Milestone 2: Implement basic interfaces within one year of Milestone 1 and before September 31, 2021.

Milestone 3: Implement advanced interfaces before September 31, 2021.

DHCS reserves the right to rescind funding distributed to qualified HIOs if live connections are not maintained for one year or Milestone 2 is not achieved within one year of Milestone 1.

Security is our top priority

  • In May 2020, LANES announced its platform has achieved HITRUST Validated Assessment with Certification in conformance with the CSF 9.2.
  • The significant accreditation aligns with the mission of LANES to develop a comprehensive security and privacy program safeguarding the exchange of protected health information (PHI) accessible to its healthcare ecosystem of participants across L.A. County.

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