Streamlining Health Data Exchange and Improving Patient Care in L.A. County

The seamless exchange of accurate and comprehensive patient records is a cornerstone of high quality patient care. This is especially important for hospitals and health systems, which often serve safety net populations benefiting from initiatives like CalAIM, including Enhanced Care Management (ECM) and Community Supports. Effective health data exchange not only enhances immediate care delivery but also fosters long-term connections between patients and vital resources.

In alignment with the desire to deliver the highest quality patient care, in California the
Data Exchange Framework (DxF) is defining a path for the exchange of health and social services information. This statewide agreement mandates participation from hospitals and health systems and establishes a baseline for interoperability. The initiative aims to revolutionize healthcare delivery, fostering health equity, and helping providers across the health and social services ecosystem better collaborate for more effective whole person care.

With 10 million people calling L.A. County home, having access to this population’s complete, accurate health information is crucial. This is where the Los Angeles Network for Enhanced Services (LANES) comes in. As a Qualified Health Information Organization (QHIO), LANES enables hospitals and health systems to retrieve detailed patient data promptly and efficiently.

LANES solutions for Hospitals and Health Systems

“When applied correctly, data sharing platforms and tools will improve the quality of care delivered at the individual and population levels and address gaps in patient information accessibility giving physicians a holistic view of medical histories including mental health and social determinants of health information.” – Guillermo Diaz, Chief Medical Information Officer, Los Angeles Department of Health Services

LANES empowers healthcare providers to make informed decisions, utilize resources effectively, address the unique needs of vulnerable patient populations, and deliver more efficient and effective care, leading to cost savings across various aspects of healthcare delivery. By streamlining post-discharge procedures and ensuring that critical patient data follows them seamlessly to their outpatient setting, LANES is revolutionizing the way hospitals and health systems deliver care.

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